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The defined strategy for currencies is EMAs Modified (see related page EMAs strategy ) . Left charts show prices and EMAs : the shorter (ema) is in green colour , the longer (ema2) in red . Right charts repeate prices (same or different scale) , brown line shows the difference between EMAs (shorter minus longer one) and its value is on right axis ; crosses above zero are bullish , crosses below zero are bearish . Green and red arrows report crosses on prices line , the day after the signal of cross ; levels of intervention are on right charts , whose border is red (in case of bearish cross) , or green (in case of bullish cross) when an intervention point occurred on last working day . Updates are on last working day official quotes . Analysis is vs. Euro (second cross currency : for example , “Analysis vs. Euro” Usd chart shows how many Euros buy a Us Dollar, so cross is Usd/Eur , not Eur/Usd) and vs. Usd and Japanese Yen , second cross currencies too . Below are relevant strategy results , as for Homepage ; winning strategies are those outperforming relative markets.

Usd , Cad , Aud , Jpy vs. Euro

Gbp , world currencies basket , Chf vs. Euro

Eur , Jpy , Gbp , Aud , Cad vs. Us Dollar

Chf , Trl , Zar , Brl vs. Us Dollar

Bitcoin vs. Usd

Gbp , Aud , Cad vs. Japanese Yen

Main currencies year-to-date performance vs. Eur , Usd performance vs. basket

Eur performance vs.basket , last currency values vs. Eur with related action and stop-loss levels