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Markets mood indicator

Indicators range from 0 to 100 . Overall from 0 to 50 indicates a negative mood , above 50 up to 100 a positive one .

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Dear Guest , we thank you very much for visiting our site ! Understanding the way financial markets evolve , has never been easy . Our desire is to walk with you along this path , putting our experience , about 35 years of passionate work in financial world , at your disposal , in order to build a better and non-conventional base for markets knowledge . Our effort will in reality consist in showing you , in a simple and clear manner , what is behind the price movements , trying to derive from them the behavior of actors who are dealing and trading day by day .

What will you find?

In site’s pages , you’ll find various strategies to go deep in markets’ mood ; to summarize their content , assets can be divided in two classes . Cyclicals , whose positive phase are sign of a better market sentiment , and Defensive , whose strenght signals a weak mood .

What’s on top of this page?

This page’s top shows actual phases ; prevailing red colors prelude to a risk-off stance ; prevaling green colors underscore a positive mood . Time frame of analysis is short term (1-3 weeks) .Underlying quotes are updated at last working day . Strategies can be applied on a daily base . For a most comprehensive markets’ assets analysis , see related menu pages.

Please contact us if you would like getting analysis on assets you are in addition interested in , email addresses are on Contacts page .

Strategies are updated daily , and are :

Long only : Selection strategy , Weighted Alpha Modified ;

Long-short : Strategy long-short , EMAs (exponential moving averages) Modified , Futures strategy , Risk strategy .

All strategies don’t utilize leverage .

That’s why every scenario needs a different strategy ; as to say , every season has its favourite clothings .
The table below shows most adaptable strategies , and the probabilities to outperform benchmarks . More details at How to… page .

The following table points out the strategies’ year-to-date results .See also What’s behind page for strategies’background , and How to page for readings of performances and charts . Last changes in current positions are displayed on last column for each asset ( S > L from short to long , L > S from long to short) .