Macro indicators

In this page we examine the most important Usa macroeconomic indicators ; other countries will follow later . They are :

10Y indicators charts

All data are weekly updated to last release . To match delayed data ( for example GDP quarterly data with monthly ISM index ) , we calculate less recent updates on the basis of most recent release . ( ex. last three months of GDP data are based on the same trend of previous quarter) .


Below you’ll find , taking for example CPI and Retail Sales data , the indicators who have the best and worst correlations with them . But correlations are not stable , they variate time by time .

That’s why we show , for last 10 years , the trends fo main indicator (black line) , and those respectively who have more correlation (green dotted line) and less (red dotted line) in last year .

That’s to take in account not only their trend but also the variations happened in their correlations . The m/m changes charts show the monthly (m/m) variations in last year . Updates are weekly .

Finally , please consider that economics don’t influence directly each other , but with some delay , one month or more , depending on their nature .

First indicator : CPI

Second indicator : Retail Sales

Correlation Matrix

The table below shows indicators’ correlations . For each column , vertically looking , in gross are most correlated , in red the less correlated . The time period is 1 year .